Truck Drivers The Working Poor

In this video I talk about truck drivers being the working poor. People tend to think that  hourly pay is real. I know you think I am crazy but think about it. Companies have budgets, They then decide what each part or person in there company is worth. For instance lets hire Bob. He is a manager who will create two hundred thousand in revenue for the company by taking some of the owners jobs. Free him up, giving him more time focus on sales. Other people doing what Bob dose get paid fifty grand so that’s his pay. So they set aside fifty grand in the budget. Then they allow for a little over time. Then they calculate fifty grand in to hourly pay. For the rest check out the podcast or podcast video above. You can find the podcast in Itunes. If you want to become a truck driver you should check out my audio book. How To Start In Trucking 

ELD Are Not Your Fault

In this video I talk about the computer logs. I was watching a video and a truck driver said we deserve the over regulation in the trucking industry. This made me think about how medical malpractice is in the top ten leading causes of death in the US. This happens even though Doctors take tons of schooling for decades. If doctors cant get the problem out of there industry how are we going to do it with two to four month of training. Truck drivers are not from another planet. The truck driver who drives to fast in snow, just got out of his car driving to fast to get to his truck. Jerks are not going to be fixed by laws or regulation. Even if autonomous trucks will have programmers and engineers who will be jerks or just incompetent, which will lead to accidents. Flaws are a part of life and no group or company can change that. For the rest check out my podcast or video podcast above. If you are thinking about how to become a truck driver check out my audio book How to Start In Trucking

Why CDL Companies Don’t Like Social Media

A lot of trucking companies don’t like you on any social media. This is because they do a lot of stuff that is not legal.  The trucking industry has for many years did what ever it wants to do. The regulating government has been conned to think that truckers check out the video for more info. If you would like to get into trucking and want a step by step guide check out my audio book link below.

How To Start In Trucking

How To Get Out Of Prison

In this podcast I talk about how truck drivers get the foolish idea that there in prison. This happen when a trucker starts with out goals. Why become a truck driver? Is the most important question you can ask yourself. If you start in this industry with no goal and no plan your CDL will become a nightmare. From Prime truck drivers to Werner truck drivers to Owner Operator any were if you get up with out a direction why are you up. Making a plan is simply ask out load why are you working and are achieving what you set out to do. Check the podcast for more. If you are new to trucking and you would like to know how to make a plan

The Ends Justify The Means

I talk about the trucking mind set that there is a bad way to do business. People seem to always think that there is a bad way to do business but the truth is the end is what matters. If you take a high interest loan and become a millionaire no one is going to tell you what you did wrong. In fact they will start asking you about what you did  and how can they do it, check the podcast for the rest.

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Pay For Semi Recall Down Time

This year has been plagued with tons of recalls in trucking. For some reason trucking manufacturers are having real problem with making trucks and trailers that work. If you ask me that plan that they had to go overseas has failed. The race to high profits seems to have left quality behind. I have read books that call it the race to the bottom. It’s sad when people have forgotten pride in what they do. Soon they will have your autonomous semi truck recall the future can’t wait.

How To Start In Trucking


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