The Ends Justify The Means

I talk about the trucking mind set that there is a bad way to do business. People seem to always think that there is a bad way to do business but the truth is the end is what matters. If you take a high interest loan and become a millionaire no one is going to tell you what you did wrong. In fact they will start asking you about what you did  and how can they do it, check the podcast for the rest.

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Pay For Semi Recall Down Time

This year has been plagued with tons of recalls in trucking. For some reason trucking manufacturers are having real problem with making trucks and trailers that work. If you ask me that plan that they had to go overseas has failed. The race to high profits seems to have left quality behind. I have read books that call it the race to the bottom. It’s sad when people have forgotten pride in what they do. Soon they will have your autonomous semi truck recall the future can’t wait.

How To Start In Trucking


FMCSA Not Happy with E-Cigarettes

E- Cigarettes is a new way to get  a nicotine fix.  It’s supposed to be better than smoking but it dose have it’s side effects.  Inflammation of the lungs and similar problems to cigarettes. The FMCSA is concern about the potential to explode. Many new smoker have a habit of trying new things such as batteries and other add-on that can make the experience more enjoyable. This is how many explosion happen.

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Actual Money VS Pontential Money

If you are a company truck driver you have Actual Money. I defined this by the fact you will be paid locked in amount. This gives you sense of security, because unlike a owner operator you don’t have to worry about losing money on tires or breakdowns.  Most people in America are paid this way. I like this because it’s safe or is it. The truth is that not taking risk may give you a good sense of security it just that a sense. You could be fired at any minute or the company could go bankrupt. The truth is that if the brokers or sales department falls apart your job is gone. This is why I always keep a company in my back pocket. I also make sure that I find out as much as I can about the company business plan, so I can spot when things go wrong. You see the truth is that, you are not in the trucking business, the trucking business really doesn’t exist. The truth is that truck drivers work in the warehousing business.

Years ago the role of truck driver was being done by  boats and wagons, not trucks. Trucks came about during the Industrial Area. Warehouse needing to ship items to sale is a trucker bread and butter. This being said, feel safe. Think about it, the minute a cheaper way to do it comes along we are gone. Truck only exist because it is easier to have a truck driver pull to the back of a store than a train or boat. The reason I am saying this is because it is important to understand how and why you get paid.

Brokers and Sales people that work for your company are the people who control your life. The owner operator who takes more risk has the ability to have some say in the control over there life.  They have the potential  to make more money. Because we know that the trucking business dose not exist, that  means that the set pay that company drivers get paid is done to keep coast low for brokers and companies. The owner op who is on a contract were they can negotiate there prices or is paid by percentage will benefit from higher prices that broker and sale people may get. This potential company drivers can’t get.  I some time think about how much money did I got screwed out of for my 33 cent per-mile when I started. Also I don’t own a truck. If I had got a truck back when I started I would own it by now or may be two potentially, but not a guarantee.  I am not telling you that you should go out and get in to a lease contract but I am saying that in the warehousing business the big money is not made playing it safe. The money in any business is not were the people with weekly guaranteed pay checks work, it’s the sales men and women who will make the big bucks. I know I could lose but I also could win and so could you. Check out  the video I did on this    

Car Hauler Money Is Real

Car Hauler make great money, this is because it is one of the most dangerous jobs in trucking. A car hauler has to drive up ramp more than thirteen feet in the  air and this is not always forward some time this is backwards. When you get out of the  car you have to climb down 13 feet or more to the ground until they are done. Car haulers are some of the most hard working truck drivers in trucking. That’s why they get paid big money Car Transporters need the best.

Bad Day In Trucking

In this podcast I talk about my crazy trip in the land of no signs. The land of no signs is a multi million dollar facility. In trucking no matter how much money a company has signs seem to be way to expensive. Ford, GM, General Mills billion dollar companies that will have no signs. I am thinking about starting a non profit to help called Trucker Who Would Like to Deliver Your Shit, or TWWTLDYS its a work in progress.

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