Would you like to be a Trainer?

Being a trainer is a hard job. Yes you can double your income and you can double your stress. Companies will put any one that will fill out a application in your truck. Bad attitudes and hard life problems like drug use and many others. Self control is the best weapon against this. You have to think about the best question to ask yourself everyday, “what’s my job”?  That will help you remember to communicate with your company to get a student off your truck and not punch them in the face, in a stress full situation. Here’s some good idea’s and strategy if you decide to become a trainer.

Personal Security

Think  of  everthing  that you don’t want others to know, banking info, e-mail passwords and other personal info. You need to remember that student could get this info and use it to steal from you.  Every thing you do use cation , put a password on your cellphone and computer. Also don’t do any thing personal or have personal conversation that may give some one info that can be used against you. Think about making time so you can do these things and keep them private.

You may think about getting LifeLock or one of the many identity protection plans. They usely work two ways, e-mail you so you can stop identity theft at the start or stopping it at after you find out about it by straighting out the problem for you making calls  and talking to companies to get things off your credit report. The identity theft protection is something I would get even if you don’t train.

Self Defiance

Defending your self is something you should always think about. Be ready for any thing, any were and at any time. I sleep in my clothes just in-case I have to move quickly in the night. Always keep your wallet in your pocket, you do not want to run out your truck and have no money or ID in a energy situation.

Guns are great, but laws in states and federal laws say  you can’t have one in your truck. There are drivers who have guns but you better get the advice of a lawyer and make sure you have permits for it if you are  going to have one. Even tasers and stun guns have laws that cover them, this is why a lawyer advice can be extremely helpful. Knives are great for close quarter combat. You can take classes on knife fighting and get tips from people on YouTube and other sites devoted to self defiance or knife fighting.

Also I would ask a lawyer on this because you never know what state law or federal law may say. Knives can be better in some cases than a gun. Because of there speed, due to conseal meet. Guns take five second to aim and fire on average, plus there you have to be ok with killing someone.

Knives can kill or enger somone enough so you can get away. Taser and stun guns do this too. In most cases you can avoid having to use extreme force on some one by explaining how things are going bad to your company or just call the cops before things go to far. We all no in life some time extreme force has to be used just make sure you are ready when or if it happens. Last thing again, I would ask a lawyer to make sure you know what you are facing if something happens.

Helpful Websites

Equifax ,Experian and Trans-Union are the three companies that you get credit reports from and identity protection.




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