Tinnitus and up date on Tasers

                                                               Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears, usually heared in your right ear and can sound like a high pitch ringing or water woo-sh sound.  It can come from loud noise, swelling in your ears or  any thing that can cause damage to your ears . These things cause hearing loss and the brain response by ringing.  The reason I’m talking about this is I have it and decide to give some basic info on it so others will not get it. We truckers work in a noisy environment, for weeks in a truck. That’s why taking a hearing test by a real doctor is important not just the company, are you alive  physical. It may be a good idea to wear ear protection in the truck. Yes I know that sounds weird but hear a ringing in your ear for a month like i have and nothing sounds weird about it. I know that’s not comfortable when driving, nether is wearing a set belt or any thing else safe. Other things you can  do like cut your phone down to a low volume, I won’t be-able to talk when I’m driving, that’s good!  Believe me simple things like keeping unnecessary noise down is werth your hearing and wearing some type of ear protection. That’s the basic point, your hearing is wreath discomfort and getting it checked out.

Taser are Regulated

                                                                                      State that you should check local laws on tasers,  HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI, and the District of Columbia. Other states might have limited restrictions on the use or possession. Simple thing to do call a lawyer in one of the above states and find out about the rule on having a taser. Also you may check some of the court cases that you can google. It will give you a heads up on things that can happen if you have to tase somone. Here’s a few Links.


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