Spy -Cameras, Why Ken? Well you can use spy-camera to back you up when a customer acts like a ass, shot your dispatcher a e-mail of the video and now they understand the ass-hole you are dealing with. Keeping the camera hidden keeps the ass-hole acting in high gear and don’t forget to send a video to his company. Spy-cameras can help with training as well, you will have lots of proof of who the ass-hole is in the truck or if he is getting high, actuation that you grab her ass or raped her. Video can save your butt in a lot of ways, think about it. Video can be important when you are in a profession like trucking that has a bad image. Last there is the case were something bad happens to you, if there’s a hidden camera in your truck, the police will have proof and more importantly your family will know what happen to you. We all have seen those missing truck driver posters. The road can be a stressful and dangerous place to work, spy-camera can really help.


There are many hidden security cameras you can buy online. The Watch-Cameras are OK, but you look a little weird aiming the face of the watch at some one and you have to remember how many times to hit the buttons or what each one dose. Spy-cameras in glasses are poplar but there a bit big. Spy camera glasses can be passively aimed but remember there is a wire going down your ear that may attract attention to you, but most likely no one will notice. There are the small spy-camera that you can hook up yourself  and put any were, there shape like a small box. These are the camera’s that you use in your truck. Think about the shape of your truck then try placing them in a place were you get video of the door’s inside and out, if you can.  Then you should set up a video of the sleeper and be aware that if you train you may want to skip the sleeper video, especially if you train women. You may just use a voice recorder in the sleeper in that case. There are many ways to hook them up. Use corners were you can run cords throw carpet or in your bags, were the camera can be in its own pocket. I could go on forever, but that’s pointless you should get the basics and one more thing, talk to a lawyer, so you know the laws on using camera in a truck if you don’t, it would be a shame that a video could get you out of trouble, but it can’t be used in court. Stay G.O.A.T.

Here’s a few links of the companies that sale spy-camera , Starnex,  SpyCamera.com, Light In The Box, Dynaspy4hiddenspycameras and video below.

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