Truck Driver Goals

So this year is over what are you going to do? This is the time to start setting goals for the new year. Every year its important to think about what’s important to get done in your life. You can’t get to a shipper with out a map and can’t become a trucker without learning to drive so why are you trying to live with out goals? Life is a trip that will end and before that, you have dreams that you want to a accomplish. Time to make a map, time to think about the most important thing in life as a starting point. What do you want out of life.

Last year I wanted to start a Internet business so I started making my blog, YouTube channel and podcast. Doing this has given me a new way of  looking at the world and new goals to set. Growth in life only comes when you start to push forward to learn some thing new, this is why all your goals should have something to learn and then use that knowledge to do something.

If it’s becoming closer with family, that means learning about them. What type of woman or man are you raising, there beliefs and dreams. That woman or man you fell in love with, is she or he happy,  what are there dreams, what can you do together to become closer. No one wants to live with strangers, so learn about the people you love and putting them in your goals will create a deeper love, because you are adding respect to the people you love, this applies to friends or family. This can just involve a setting with them, talking over dinner, playing games with them or just helping with a problem there facing big and small.

Think positively about yourself…. ask God who made you to keep on remaking you.  ~Norman Vincent Peale}.

Think positively about yourself  comes from growth in learning about you. Do you crack under pressure, do you love what you do and are you getting to achieve your dreams? If the answers is no then you can’t think positively about yourself, a dreamer or a talker standing still never growing. If yes than you know how important goals are, you love your family for a reason, not obligation, and people around you are enriched by your knowledge  and wisdom. It’s a new year, time to follow your dreams and plan how to get there, because you have been blessed to see today, start to day planing your trip to a better you every day.

My Truck Driver Goals

Goals are like states, there are millions of ways to get there. I like using  big long term goals first, which is the direction that all the smaller goals will follow. Big gaols should answer, who you are and what do you want to become before you die. Smaller goals are for the thing that push you in that direction.

When I decide to make a Internet business, the first goal was to learn about blogs. Be focused when learning any thing so you don’t learn forever, create a end point were you just start doing it. I gave myself  two months of Internet Business Mastery podcast and then a month of reading many books. Then I just did it.

Paralysis by analysis, you will find this is a enemy of goal setting, so a short time thinking and only on the small next steps, not the long term big goals so you don’t let over whelm stop you. Step by step getting close to your big goals by fulfilling the small one’s and changing them every year as you find out who you are. For me this is how I grow and achieve my dreams.

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