How Much Do Truck Drivers Make?

Most truck drivers starting out make any were from twenty to thirty thousand dollars. After a year you can make more but you have to get out of were you start. That means that you are going to go dedicated or get on a high value account were the company will not put new drivers. You will have to keep your cdl clean to get any chance at the big money jobs, so leave your ego at home. Even if you get in the big numbers they will only get you to about fifty to eighty thousand a year.

Some drivers make more if they become a Owner Operator. Owner Operators can make a lot of money because they can own lot’s of trucks. I was talking to a guy who owns 27 Semi Trucks at 28 years old. This takes balls of steel and he has a lot of ups and downs. He said he makes about two hundred thousand a year but you have to remember that he has a grown up in trucking. You can do this but you have to learn about fixing trucks, buying good parts at low prices and know some of the best trucking companies. The rest is in the video.

This is a video from a Swift Transportation over the road truck driver talking about his truck driver salary.

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