Truck Driver GPS

G.P.S is the future of maps, but there not perfect yet.  You need to think about this when you buy one, it only takes one wrong turn under a low clearance to end your career. This is way I use a map as a back up. That will help you until the tech gets better.  There are three things you should think about when buy a GPS.

1. Buy online  it is way cheaper than a truck stop, just google truck driver GPS and you will see some as low a two hundred. Check the features so you know the price is worth it. Amazon is probably the best place to start because of the reviews. You will know how the featrures help real users and if the low or high price is worth it      .

2.Placment and size  are very important, to big and it will be hard to put it in your dash with you other dashboard items. You want to put it in a place so it dose not fall or get to hot. you may want to take it out your dash when you are out the truck for long periods  of time GPS are a theft’s delight. Where will you put it when you travel out your truck? I use the place were I put shirts, to protect it from crashes and bumps.

3. Do you need it? Many companies have G.P.S in there Qualcomm and other truck monitoring devices.  Is it a dedicated run were you go to the same place all the time.  GPS get a lot of  the area wrong. Some time GPS have a lot of problem in rural areas were there are lots of side roads  or back road that you use, check with other drivers in the area. I go across to Canada a lot and GPS gets the new roads in wrong all the time.

GPS can be a great helper and make you life easyer if think about these 3 things. Here are some links to some greats GPS products below:  Cobra 5550PRO 5″ Widescreen Truck GPS Navigation for Professional Drivers

Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 500 5-Inch Portable Truck GPS Navigator

Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates

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