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I talk about how to mange money when you are OTR. When you start in trucking how you control yourself when it comes to money will decide how much money makes it to your pocket. Making money is easy but holding  on to it is hard. When a trucking student is O.T.R  (Over The Road) for the first time, it is easy to spend all the money they get in training on food and entertainment. Food in truck stops is priced high and all forms entertainment. The best thing to do is shop at Wal-Mart. It will save you a lot of money. Try to remember that sometimes when you are in training at CR England , Werner, Swift or any other company you will buy stuff because you are home sick. That will make you spend like crazy. Make sure you think before you buy things and ask are you buying this because you need it or because your family is far away. Check the podcast for more and if you would like to get more helpful info on Picking a Truck Driver Training School What training is like and a lot more you can buy my book for 2.99 just  Just Click Link Below

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