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Truck Drivers The Working Poor

In this video I talk about truck drivers being the working poor. People tend to think that  hourly pay is real. I know you think I am crazy but think about it. Companies have budgets, They then decide what each part or person in there company is worth. For instance lets hire Bob. He is a manager who will create two hundred thousand in revenue for the company by taking some of the owners jobs. Free him up, giving him more time focus on sales. Other people doing what Bob dose get paid fifty grand so that’s his pay. So they set aside fifty grand in the budget. Then they allow for a little over time. Then they calculate fifty grand in to hourly pay. For the rest check out the podcast or podcast video above. You can find the podcast in Itunes. If you want to become a truck driver you should check out my audio book. How To Start In Trucking 

The Ends Justify The Means

I talk about the trucking mind set that there is a bad way to do business. People seem to always think that there is a bad way to do business but the truth is the end is what matters. If you take a high interest loan and become a millionaire no one is going to tell you what you did wrong. In fact they will start asking you about what you did  and how can they do it, check the podcast for the rest.

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Actual Money VS Pontential Money

If you are a company truck driver you have Actual Money. I defined this by the fact you will be paid locked in amount. This gives you sense of security, because unlike a owner operator you don’t have to worry about losing money on tires or breakdowns.  Most people in America are paid this way. I like this because it’s safe or is it. The truth is that not taking risk may give you a good sense of security it just that a sense. You could be fired at any minute or the company could go bankrupt. The truth is that if the brokers or sales department falls apart your job is gone. This is why I always keep a company in my back pocket. I also make sure that I find out as much as I can about the company business plan, so I can spot when things go wrong. You see the truth is that, you are not in the trucking business, the trucking business really doesn’t exist. The truth is that truck drivers work in the warehousing business.

Years ago the role of truck driver was being done by  boats and wagons, not trucks. Trucks came about during the Industrial Area. Warehouse needing to ship items to sale is a trucker bread and butter. This being said, feel safe. Think about it, the minute a cheaper way to do it comes along we are gone. Truck only exist because it is easier to have a truck driver pull to the back of a store than a train or boat. The reason I am saying this is because it is important to understand how and why you get paid.

Brokers and Sales people that work for your company are the people who control your life. The owner operator who takes more risk has the ability to have some say in the control over there life.  They have the potential  to make more money. Because we know that the trucking business dose not exist, that  means that the set pay that company drivers get paid is done to keep coast low for brokers and companies. The owner op who is on a contract were they can negotiate there prices or is paid by percentage will benefit from higher prices that broker and sale people may get. This potential company drivers can’t get.  I some time think about how much money did I got screwed out of for my 33 cent per-mile when I started. Also I don’t own a truck. If I had got a truck back when I started I would own it by now or may be two potentially, but not a guarantee.  I am not telling you that you should go out and get in to a lease contract but I am saying that in the warehousing business the big money is not made playing it safe. The money in any business is not were the people with weekly guaranteed pay checks work, it’s the sales men and women who will make the big bucks. I know I could lose but I also could win and so could you. Check out  the video I did on this    

Cassen Transport Reviews

Car Transporter
Car Transporter

Cassen Transport is a auto hauler that has terminals in Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Maryland, Kentucky, New Jersey , New York, Ohio, Tennessee,  and Canada.  There a Teamster company that means you will have to work your way in to the company. There is a probation period, during this time you will not have Teamster benefits and you will be at the bottom for freight. That means you could be sent home if they don’t freight and you will not get paid. But you are paid a dollar a mile witch means two load can make you five or six hundred a week, is what a truck driver I talk to told me, he made this in his probation period.

He said that it just sounds bad until you realize that at a dollar a mile, it is easy to get to making five or six hundred with two load, He has meet guys at the company that make a hundred grad after 7 years with the company. If you want to be a car hauler, at any company think about the time of year. At the end of the year many companies slow down, because people are not buying and new models come out. So don’t even think about it until march at least. Its all long term at Cassen  he said Yep!

If you want to go to Cassen getting in shape you need to think about this hard. Car haulers walk at least a mile for every car they haul sometimes and you will have to be able to climb out a car window. This can be hard for fat guys like me . You will need to able to drive stick. Have a good memory because new cars have customs items like satellite navigation  discs and other things that have to be with the car. Seeing is probably the most important thing.

When you pull a car up on a rack you will have to be able to tell that the car is straight. If you go off one little bit the car could fall off the rack or just scratch three hundred dollar or more rims. The trailer on a truck that hauls car is heavy and low to the ground. Pull in the wrong truck stop and you could really destroy the cars and trailer.

I have seen guys hang there car hauler trailers up on small uneven concrete humps. One of the most important things for a car hauler is to keep the car perfect and clean. Clean means that many car hauler companies have there own uniforms and you will have to be clean at all times when driving the cars.


The Benefit of being a car hauler at Cassen can pay off big.  You never sleep in the truck you will sleep in hotels. No docks to back up to. Some drivers I talk to have made a hundred or more a year. Keep in mind that many did more than seven years behind the wheel. You have to be willing to earn your pay at Cassen. Last he’s some tips for new guys, get in shape they say, the amount of new guys who can’t walk a mile is getting sad, Get your eyes checked out and have some savings, it will take time to get good at car hauling. I would like to say thank you to all the people who talk to me on the road.



Steven Transport Driver

I found this guy on Youtube he is a truck driver for Stevens Transport which hires new CDL rookies. There based out of Texas and specialize in refrigeration transport,reefer or T.C.U( Temperature Controlled Transport). His videos go throw there training schools and he did a interview with a trainer. Check his video below and for more on Stevens check his channel thorrasmus76 A Stevens Transport Driver Review at the start.

Werner Driver Life

Here are some of the videos of  Werner drivers that like there company. You can find out what it’s like at Werner currently. You can find them on You-Tube. They talk about how much Werner pays and many of the company rules. If you follow them you will on You-Tube you will get loads of positive info.                                                                 .

Hard Work Is Bull!

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 In this podcast I talk about the difference between hard work and focused work.

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