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Truck Drivers The Working Poor

In this video I talk about truck drivers being the working poor. People tend to think that  hourly pay is real. I know you think I am crazy but think about it. Companies have budgets, They then decide what each part or person in there company is worth. For instance lets hire Bob. He is a manager who will create two hundred thousand in revenue for the company by taking some of the owners jobs. Free him up, giving him more time focus on sales. Other people doing what Bob dose get paid fifty grand so that’s his pay. So they set aside fifty grand in the budget. Then they allow for a little over time. Then they calculate fifty grand in to hourly pay. For the rest check out the podcast or podcast video above. You can find the podcast in Itunes. If you want to become a truck driver you should check out my audio book. How To Start In Trucking 

ELD Are Not Your Fault

In this video I talk about the computer logs. I was watching a video and a truck driver said we deserve the over regulation in the trucking industry. This made me think about how medical malpractice is in the top ten leading causes of death in the US. This happens even though Doctors take tons of schooling for decades. If doctors cant get the problem out of there industry how are we going to do it with two to four month of training. Truck drivers are not from another planet. The truck driver who drives to fast in snow, just got out of his car driving to fast to get to his truck. Jerks are not going to be fixed by laws or regulation. Even if autonomous trucks will have programmers and engineers who will be jerks or just incompetent, which will lead to accidents. Flaws are a part of life and no group or company can change that. For the rest check out my podcast or video podcast above. If you are thinking about how to become a truck driver check out my audio book How to Start In Trucking

The Ends Justify The Means

I talk about the trucking mind set that there is a bad way to do business. People seem to always think that there is a bad way to do business but the truth is the end is what matters. If you take a high interest loan and become a millionaire no one is going to tell you what you did wrong. In fact they will start asking you about what you did  and how can they do it, check the podcast for the rest.

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CSA Score, Prime Transport Lady,Swift Transport Blame

This is the updates to the podcast. I talk about prostitution in trucking, Swift price drop and the Prime transport lawsuit. My name is Ken I have been a truck driver for ten years and counting. This blog is for the new driver. To help your understand trucking and get a clear picture about the industry. Getting your CDL is a big deal but not a bad one. You just have to avoid the super trucks aka jerks that may make you feel like a fool. I hope this blog and podcast make you feel like you can be successful truckers.

Grants For CDL School

Flood All The Way To The Road
Flood All The Way To The Road


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Podcast I talk about why I am not the biggest fan of grants. To me if you use a grant you should not have the money to pay for your CDL training. I think a lot of people use government programs and there just abusing the system . We have all types of programs that are there for people who are struggling and witch sends the message that now in U.S  you will not be left behind. So please don’t take money from people who have a hard time in life because you are lazy. Using your own money is something you should be proud to do it is a statement about the hard work you did by saving. For More Check Podcast.

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Money Semi Driver Control

Truck driver 101 Werner Enterprise
Just Like My Old Truck

I talk about how to mange money when you are OTR. When you start in trucking how you control yourself when it comes to money will decide how much money makes it to your pocket. Making money is easy but holding  on to it is hard. When a trucking student is O.T.R  (Over The Road) for the first time, it is easy to spend all the money they get in training on food and entertainment. Food in truck stops is priced high and all forms entertainment. The best thing to do is shop at Wal-Mart. It will save you a lot of money. Try to remember that sometimes when you are in training at CR England , Werner, Swift or any other company you will buy stuff because you are home sick. That will make you spend like crazy. Make sure you think before you buy things and ask are you buying this because you need it or because your family is far away. Check the podcast for more and if you would like to get more helpful info on Picking a Truck Driver Training School What training is like and a lot more you can buy my book for 2.99 just  Just Click Link Below

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101 Podcast Time and OTR Banking

In this Podcast I talk about how to defend your bank account against fraud for OTR trucking. Over the road you will be on the road for weeks at time and for more check the podcast. To Buy my audio book on how to start in trucking Click Below How To Get To The Big Money With A C.D.L

Hard Work Is Bull!

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 In this podcast I talk about the difference between hard work and focused work.

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How To Get Out Of Trucking Or In

Ken is back and the podcast. I talk about how to get out of trucking and how to keep your mind on real change and not fantasy change.

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