Trucks and Companies

                                                                                      Trucks and Companies are important to know as you go forward. I’m going to cover them briefly and later more in depth. Lets start with a basic truck Freightliner this is one of the most common trucks you see. The picture on the right is of a  black Freightliner Classic that’s big inside but some times you will have a difficult time putting it in a tight space or dock. Freightliner Cascada it’s new and becoming popular with a lot of companies and inside it is nothing like the classic. Yet still  has pretty good room for storage of your stuff.  Cascada are very good when backing into a tight space or dock.  Also pretty good on m.p.g.  Now let’s talk about the yellow Kenworth T-660 it is in some ways the most difficult truck, when it comes to trying to get your stuff in the truck. Lots of companies like them because of the good m.p.g.  You just have to think about what is important to bring and nothing else. Im not going to cover any more, until I get video so you can see it and understand it. You should get that trucks can be big or small and its always better to plan for a small truck. So bring as little as you can. So it will not matter what truck you end up in.

                                     Now lets talk about trucking companies.  They tend to say every thing you want to hear.  But here are some realities.  Most drivers are out for two or three weeks.  They try to tell you they can get you home to a lot.  Not unless  you are what’s called  dedicated.  It’s when you are just hauling for one company, that has  contracted with the company you drive for.  For a number of drivers to only haul there freight.  This is what most drivers are hoping to get.  Sadly 48 States or Over The Road  are usually what most get.  There are some who are smart enough to get a dedicated  run right away and not have to wait for one after training.  Theses are the people who learn the company well and ask a lot of question. To do that you have to think about whats important to the company and be a on time,legal driver. That’s right, even if a company acts like there not looking at you, they are paying attention.  I started out as a dedicated driver. I ask about it all the time and I was never late in training.  That doesn’t mean late loads didn’t happen back then. I had a lot, but I always ran my hours out to almost zero. That will always keep you good with your dispatcher.  Even if they hate you. So many drivers sleep all day or play around, that they will make the hard working driver all ways look good and dependable.   That’s what a company needs the most, some one who they can count on.  That’s why a late load may never be put in the computer as late by your dispatcher.

                                                Second best to dedicated is a regional run.  That means you only go in a five or ten state region. Your company should have a map to shows the cutoff states. If you get a regional run make sure that you talk to drivers at your company to make sure that it is a real regional account and not some thing called regional. That goes for a dedicated runs too. Always talk to drivers you work with to understand the true and the false statments  your company makes.  Remember you use them don’t let the company use you! 

Trucks and Companies 5 Things To Know

  1. 48 States or Over the Road:  means that you go any were with in 48 states. Some companies  include Canada and Alaska and still call it 48states or over the road.
  2. Dedicated:   can also be like 48states or Over the Road some companies like Budweiser contracts with companies for many types of dedicated accounts including 48 states or Over the Road.
  3. Cab-Over:  It’s one of the old truck styles, truck companies use to make. Just so you know what drivers mean when they say cab-over.
  4. M.P.G.   Miles Per Gallon:   Companies harp over fuel because the high prices. That’s why they buy smaller trucks now to increase saving on fuel.  The smaller the truck ,  less weight equals higher m.p.g. that  means more saving for the company and you. Remember your company is your customer keep them happy and be proactive not reactive in finding out about your customer.
  5. Running your hours to almost zero:  That means that you are driving as much as possible and legal. With in 11 hours. Any thing over is illegal.

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